• SIKESPORT Company Profile

    Welcome to Sikesport!

    Sikesport stands as a premier provider of top-quality motorcycle apparel, equestrian attire, and outdoor clothing. With a comprehensive product range, we cater to motorcycle enthusiasts, horse riders, and outdoor adventurers, ensuring unparalleled comfort, protection, and style for every endeavor.

    Our Core Offerings:

    1. Motorcycle Gear: Discover an array of meticulously crafted motorcycle garments, ranging from timeless leather riding suits to lightweight, breathable gear tailored for warmer climates. Our fusion of cutting-edge materials and innovative designs ensures your safety and fashion on the open road.
    2. Equestrian Attire: Tailored for horse riding aficionados, our collection boasts comfortable and durable equestrian wear. Whether you're training in the arena or galloping through open fields, our attire guarantees rider safety without compromising style.
    3. Outdoor Clothing: Immerse yourself in the outdoors confidently with our outdoor clothing line. Engineered to withstand varying weather conditions, our apparel ensures you remain warm and dry during activities such as hiking, camping, and trekking.

    Our Latest Innovations:


    As part of our unwavering commitment to sports safety, we proudly present two groundbreaking innovations:

    1. Skiing Apparel: Introducing our latest skiing apparel, meticulously designed to provide warmth and flexibility on the slopes. Conquer the mountains while maintaining comfort and style.
    2. Equestrian Protection Vest: Elevate your equestrian experience with our cutting-edge protective vest. Engineered for both safety and comfort, this vest offers an additional layer of security during your rides.

    At Sikesport, safety is paramount. We continuously push boundaries to provide gear that not only exudes style but also enhances performance and ensures well-being. Our team comprises dedicated designers and experts committed to redefining sports gear.

    Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast, a horse rider, an outdoor adventurer, or a skiing aficionado, Sikesport is your trusted partner, infusing every journey with excitement, style, and enhanced safety. Thank you for choosing Sikesport – where every sporting experience begins with the right gear!